Do you sometimes crave for creative expression, but then procrastinate a while, only to feel the creative itch ferociously reappear and initiate something promising… But then you plunge into doubts about why you would, whether you should and why you will or will not? In other words: are you perpetually surrounded by the muses and monsters of creativity? If yes, then this podcast is worth your while! Join the conversation between Bram and Jeroen, two creative minds that ruminate like wild water buffalo.

Who is Bram Molenaers?

The creative invigorator behind the Muses & Monsters podcast: that’s Bram. According to Jeroen, he’s as authentic a storyteller and a person you will find. And even though Bram might go out of his way to disprove that claim, succeed he would not.

Bram describes himself as a sleep-talking dreamer and that’s exactly accurate. Notebooks with ideas, thoughts and melodious writings pile up on his night stand, in his closets, drawers, on his computer and on several smartphone apps. Bram is a fierce believer of the wholesomeness of creative expression. His own creative activities range from music to photography, creative writing and everything in between.

As Bramzilla he enchants individuals and groups from diverse angles. He consults in songwriting, sound branding, and audio production, while he also delivers creative workshops, musical lessons and sound healing sessions. If you want to meet the singer-songwriter, simply drop by on Oakfield Drive.

Who is Jeroen De Rore?

A guy who grew up, not surrounded by literature but rather by his own contemplation and introspection, only to discover relief resides in finding the right words (regardless of the language): that’s Jeroen.

Even though he often finds himself frustrated not to speak as eloquently as he desires, he occasionally jots down a phrase or two that turn out to be surprisingly coherent and even insightful. That makes him peaceful and happy.

Jeroen admires great writers, speakers and listeners. He tries to emulate all of them during his day job as a copywriter. He tries to be himself when writing for his own podcast: the JdR. Podcast. Since 2019 he has also picked up improvisation theatre at the fantastic Swaajp.