This whole shebang started as a place for me to house my (miniscule) writing portfolio, weekly flash fiction challenges from terribleminds.com, and anything else I thought was cool. It didn’t take long for boredom to kick in. Me alone? Yeah, super boring.

Then I thought it would be cool to start a writing community of sorts for new/student writers, but had no idea how to go about getting people involved. So I dropped that too.

Which brings us to today- Muses and Monsters Magazine. I decided my best bet was to put my experience working on my school’s lit mag to use, and launch my very own literary arts magazine. (Weeeeeee!!) So I’m basically goin’ for broke here.

My aim isn’t to keep to a certain tone, style, or philosophy, but to consistently innovate. The last thing I want is for every issue to look and sound the same. I want it to be engaging as well as entertaining. When people flip through Muses and Monsters, I want them to feel involved. Writing, editing, publishing, and reading… it should be a collaborative effort. We should all be working as a unit so the finished product benefits everyone involved, most of all the writers and readers.

As far as content, I’d like to publish mainly horror/paranormal, and twisted suspense. But, at the same time, I don’t want to limit the magazine. So if you give me something not in the horror genre, and it’s good… we’ll make it work. As far as art and photography, anything goes.

That being said, if you are going to disregard the genre preference, this is what I’d like to see: Unsettled. Unrequited and unspoken. Unquenchable and unrestrained. Unraveled. Unrest. Unremitting. Any unspoken or unused feelings you have bottled up, put ‘em to work.

Now, as Astrolocherry so brilliantly said, “Let us throw roses to the monsters…”