There’s a lot of talk about creativity on the Muses & Monsters podcast. On the off chance we sparked your curiosity during one of our episodes, we’ve created this page.

Basically, you will find content and external links related to anything we mentioned during the episodes and deemed worthy of more of your attention. We’ll also publish the haikus we read for you during each episode here.

MM06 – Performance

Haiku by Jeroen

Five four three two one
Almost time to disappear
Better make it last

MM05 – Procrastination

Haiku by Bram

Wait just a second
I think there was something else
Oh no, I forgot

MM04 – Inspiration

Haiku by Jeroen

She can see it all
Beauty and fragility
Yes even in me

MM03 – Failure

Haiku by Bram

Cold cup of coffee
When the day ends and you failed
Why did you drink it

MM02 – Collaboration

Haiku by Jeroen

Work together now
Yield for daily harmony
Shine alone somehow

MM01 – Self-censorship

Haiku by Bram

Tamed the crowing lies
Doubts feather into morning
Where words are not cursed