Currently accepting submissions for: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, interviews, reviews, photography, and art of any variety.

Theme song for Issue #1: Eve 6 – Inside Out

The theme song is meant to be a starting point, not a box to stay inside. I want to see all the different destinations writers and artists can get to by taking the same thing, and running with it.


+ Simultaneous submissions are okay. So are (cue the shocked gasps) pieces that have already been printed by another publication, as long as the rights have reverted back to you. To me, good writing is good writing, regardless of whether or not I’ve gotten first dibs on it. I think this rule (which seems to be an industry wide standard) hinders writers much more than it helps them.

+ While I’d try to stay away from trends– I’m not nixing anything within the horror, paranormal, supernatural, etc., genres. Let’s face it, it’s hard to think up a concept that’s brand spanking new. Some would say it’s impossible, but I’m not quite that cynical yet. That being said, no full-on pornography or torture porn, please. While I love porn as much as the next guy (or gal), this magazine just ain’t the place for it.

+ I’m not overly concerned with formatting. I can easily modify all that if I’m feeling persnickety. But, please don’t send me a thousand words in Comic Sans or Curlz ITC. I don’t think I need to explain why. Use some common sense here.

+ There is no set schedule for issue release dates; I’m going to release as I see fit. So submissions are always rolling. If there is no deadline posted for the current theme song, and you’re wondering how long you have- just drop me an email and ask. Ideally, I’d like to be putting out three to four issues a year.

+ Compensation? Ah yes, the dreaded question. I’m bankrolling this little venture entirely from my own pocket. Contributors will be given free print copies of the issue, and a free year-long subscription to the online version if they want it. Since I loathe the idea of not paying people for their work- I picked up a second job to facilitate paying contributors, but it won’t be much. Somewhere in the vicinity of $25-50.

If you’ve gotten this far, you might be thinking, “Wow, this chick sounds super laid back, and hella cool.” Don’t be fooled, there are a few things you can do to make me hate you immediately. In no particular order, they are:

+ Overly romantic happy endings. There are exceptions to every rule… but you’d have to really know what the hell you’re doing.

+ Anything blatantly racist, anti LGBTQIA, or pedophilic. “But what if I have a character that… blah blah blah-” Yeah, I get it. Sometimes we have those characters who do things that fall into the above category. My only advice is to not be a dick about it.

+ Take yourself too seriously and/or not have fun. If all this doesn’t sound fun or exciting to you, whaddya even doing here? No one likes an arrogant, stuffy writer (and they like stuffy editors even less). I understand what it’s like to toil over something, but don’t be insulted if you’re asked to make minor revisions. If you aren’t comfortable with what’s being asked then simply say no. Don’t start WWIII with me because I questioned your verb tense.

On the flip side to hate, there is love. Here are some things that could prompt me to propose:

+ Get creative about incorporating or drawing inspiration from the theme song. If what I chose isn’t something you can stand to listen to while writing, then look to the video. Hate the video? Well, then try looking at the lyrics on paper without the music… now is there a phrase you can get on board with? The less obvious you are with it the better. Make me work for it.

+ Include a cover letter listing all the ways Harry Styles is awesome. I jest, I jest. Though if you actually did this I would love you always, and forever.

Since this is all brand spanking new, I’m not going to invest in Submittable until I have enough people interested in contributing. So for the time being, email all submissions to, with “Submissions” in the subject, pretty please.